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Season 2, Episode 88: 
You Are the Most Powerful Creator in Your Reality

In this episode, Leah drops in to send you a reminder that you are the most powerful creator in your reality. It's time to wake up and fully embrace that your words hold power and have the ability to shift the programming.

You have the ability to program yourself, your children and future generations. It's crucial that you do not just think about what you are creating in the now, but what you are creating for those who come after you.

It's time that you deconstruct your negative programming around money, wealth and receiving. This episode provides you with a glimpse into how this deconstruction can take place through journeying through Leah's signature program Ouroboros.


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About the wealth witch podcast

Hosted by holistic wealth strategist and thought leader Leah Steele aka the Wealth Witch. This podcast is for people ready to deconstruct their wealth programming and reclaim their financial destinies. Leah shares her cutting-edge wealth repatterning strategies to help those ready to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire. This podcast is full of insight, advice, and practical tools to help people achieve their divine birthright: BEING WEALTHY in all areas of their lives!

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